Paintball Trade In Program

Paintball Trade In Program

Our Paintball Trade in Program is very simple. We accept Paintball Markers, Tanks, Hoppers, some Barrels, and some Paintball Masks.  We are not able to take markers such as Tippmann 98, Spyder markers or Smart Parts Ion. The market is just too saturated with Tippmann markers and markers such as Smart Parts Ion are just too old. If you purchase a used gun from us and there are problems down the road we want to be able to help you fix the issue or be able to get you the parts needed.

When you are trading in gear you have to remember we are not going to be able to give you the same price the item is going for in the marketplace. Every item we get in trade, we have to clean and inspect and if something goes wrong that isn’t from normal use during the first 30 days, we take care of it. Also, if you have the original box the marker came in and extras such as the manual or original parts kit and tools, it helps increase the overall value. The paintball gear you are looking to trade in needs to be in working condition. We cannot take non- functioning gear.

The goal of our trade in program is to provide you a quick and easy way to trade up to new gear. We try and give you the best trade in value and best customer service in the paintball market. So, if you are ready to trade up your gear you can submit it on this page: Trade up.

MacDev Drone 2 Review

MacDev Drone 2 Review

MacDec Drone 2 Case

MacDec Drone 2 Case

It comes in a nice soft case, with Allen keys, grease, a few o-rings, and a full color manual. The manual could use a little more detail but is sufficient . The gun comes in a great assortment of colors, Black, Red, Blue, Olive, Grey, and Lime.

The marker has a nice shot and there is not much kick. I found the stock barrel  will give you a consistent grouping of paint.  At 280fps the gun has very good efficiency. I was able to play 15 minute scenario games, using a hopper and 3 to 4 pods and still have 1500 psi remaining after starting with a 3000 psi fill. The gun only weighs 1 pound 14 ounces.

The one down side of this marker that I found was the positioning of the trigger frame. It was difficult to use the front grip, like I would on a Planet Eclipse Geo or Ego. The trigger frame is close to the handle and restricts your hands positioning. However, once you get used to it, it becomes comfortable with the built in rubber handle.

Maintenance and break down of the gun is very easy. If you remove the grip frame, you will find there are no wires you need to worry about pulling out because of the connection board. The bolt system is easily removed and because there are only a few moving parts it is easy to clean and relube after a day of paintball. The manual does walk you through everything you need to do to maintain the gun, trouble shoot any issues and adjust things like the trigger or board settings.

There are already a few upgrades for the gun. The first  good upgrade is the MacDev Drone 2 Gold bolt. It is reasonably priced at $50. It helps prevent ball roll back and improves shot consistency. It also helps you shoot more fragile paint and prevent   the ball from rolling back.  They have now released an OLED board for this marker, however it is priced at $200. I think that is a little expensive for a marker that is costing you $500 but if you want that option, you can always add it.

Overall, I highly recommend the MacDev Drone 2. It has a very good price, and instead of picking up an older used marker you would be able to pick up a brand new marker that performs very well. I would recommend picking up a Drone 2 Gold Bolt. It is definitely worth the money.

Overall Gun rating 8/10


What exactly is Tri-City Extreme?

What exactly is Tri-City Extreme?

Tri-City Extreme- Trailer

Tri-City Extreme- Trailer

Tri-City Extreme is a unique paintball store. We do not have a brick and mortar store but we do have a complete on-line store, and a vending trailer where we vend each weekend at Capital Combat Zone, located in Troy New York. In order to keep costs down, we have developed a different way of conducting business. Many people want to be able to see the items but want to pay on-line prices. You can do both at Tri-City Extreme.

Since we don’t have to pay rent and the other overhead costs that retailers have to pay, we are able to match the prices of on-line retailers. Because of this we can offer even better service than our competitors. We are even able to save you money on your end by not not having to pay shipping and just picking up your orders at Capital Combat Zone. We also offer free shipping on orders over a certain dollar amount. This can be especially convenient around the holidays when you are already busy. We get your merchandise together and ship it right to your door.

Tri City Extreme Website

Tri City Extreme Website

We are also selective in the equipment that we carry. We do not try to compete directly with large companies such as Dick’s Sporting Goods and Wal-Mart, who also sell paintball gear. We try to carry a higher quality of merchandise so you can get out on the field quickly and have fun instead of being stuck in the staging area trying to fix your equipment. In the event you do have an issue with equipment, you have a local place to bring it to help you solve any problems.

Tri-City Extreme was created to help the sport of paintball grow and make sure customers have a good time playing. We provide quality merchandise and excellent support. You can contact us though Facebook, email or by giving us a call.

Ninja 77 Super Lite Tank and the Ninja 68 Super Lite Tank

You would think that making the decision between the Ninja 77 Super Lite Tank and the Ninja 68 Super Lite Tank would be an easy one. You would probably pick the Ninja SL 68 tank. However IMG_5353was that the right choice? The most common tank choice is the 68/4500. It is the right length for proper playing form on the speedball field and it generally gives you plenty of shots per fill for any type of paintball.

But maybe you can get more for your money? Both of these tanks weight less than a normal 68ci tank. The Ninja 77 SL and the Ninja 68 SL have a $5.00  price difference and the Ninja 68 SL weighs just .13 pounds! Your normal 68ci Ninja Tank is 11 inches long. A Ninja 68 Super Lite Tank comes in at 10.5 inches and the Ninja 77 Super Lite Tank is just 11.25 inches. You wouldn’t be able to see much a difference with length. If you are looking for additional shots per fill, your numbers would look something like this. If you are currently getting 1200 on a 68/4500 and go to a 77/4500, you could possibly see a 13% increase, which would mean an additional pod of paint.

If you are looking to get a Ninja 68 Super Lite Tank you might want to look at the Ninja 77 Super Lite Tank.  For just $5.00 more you are able to get more shots with a Ninja 77 Super Lite and not compromise playing ability when it comes to weight, length or bulkiness of a larger tank. This why you are starting to see the 77ci tanks become the new normal for paintball tanks.

Capital Combat Zone

Capital Combat Zone Review

Capital Combat Zone - Castle

Capital Combat Zone – Castle

Capital Combat Zone is a paintball facility that is located in Brunswick, NY. They offer two types of play – Paintball and Airsoft. Their paintball/airsoft scenario field is not the traditional out- in- the- woods field but a unique urban combat town that spreads over 11 acres. They have scenarios such as a Power Plant, Castle, and Western town, that all run together.  They also have a regulation size 2015 PSP/ NXL field, where teams practice speedball and they also host their tournament series, The NYPS. Capital Combat Zone’s scenario field is open year round, except for 6 weeks before Halloween, when they close paintball to open their haunted hayride, Field of Horrors.

Pricing at Capital Combat Zone is competitive compared to most other fields. For players who have their own gear, admission is $25 and, depending on availability and weather conditions, field grade paintballs at $47 a case and premium paintballs at $57 a case. If you are looking to just try out paintball their rental package is $50, and includes everything you need to play the sport, including 500 paintballs. They only offer 3000psi and 4500psi compressed air fills.  They do not offer CO2 fills.


Capital Combat Zone- Speedball Field

Capital Combat Zone hosts a paintball event every month during most of the year. It can be either a magfed event, a paintball scenario, or speedball tournaments. Every Wednesday night they offer Airsoft. There is always something coming up on their schedule and they keep adding new types of games to play each weekend of open play.  They are continually building, growing and making changes to the field so you get a different type of play each time you visit. There is always something new to experience at Capital Combat Zone.

Capital Combat Zone has a great location and is located only a few minutes away from major highways. They offer a fun and safe environment to play in, and they are always willing to help and teach new people about the sport. Their haunted hayride, Field of Horrors is also something to check out during its 6 week run in the Fall.  But paintball returns after that ends!

Bunker King Supreme vs. HK Army Zero- G Paintball Pack

Bunker King Supreme Pack vs. HK Army Zero- G Pack

The Bunker King Supreme Pack and the HK Army Zero-G Packs are the first paintball packs that offer the no pod strap design. The purpose of these packs is to make loading in-game faster and easier. These packs are very similar but there are differences. Both hold the pods very well. They have the ability to hold an array of different pods. The packs are also made by two companies that have very loyal customers, which weighs heavily on how people will make the purchase.


Bunker King

HK Army Zero-G





1 Pound 6 Ounces

2 Pounds 1 Ounce

Foot Print on back
Space the pods take up

12.5 inches

14 inches

Overall length

47 Inches

43.5 Inches

How many Pods can it hold?

9 Total
4 Primary
5 Loops

11 Total
4 Primary
7 Loops



Bunker King Supreme Paintball Pod Pack

The first difference is how the packs hold the pods. The Bunker King Pack uses tension on the inside of the pack to hold the pods from falling out. You are able to use the traditional 140 round pods, and the Virtue 140 and 160 round pods without having to adjust anything. The pack is very light and comfortable and conforms very well to your back. The Bunker King Supreme Pack comes in a few different colors, Black, Heisenberg and Red. You can check them out on Tri-City Extreme here.

The HK Army Zero-G Pack uses a system that can be adjusted from the inside of the pack. This way you are able to use whatever pods you would like. If you start to lose pods you are able to go in and tighten it. If you have a friend that has the pack in a different color you are actually able to swap color pod holders and make a unique color scheme.  Because of this design the pack weighs a little bit more and is less conforming than the Bunker King Pack. It does take up a little bit more room on a players back but you do have the ability to hold 2 additional pods compared to the Bunker King Pack. The HK Army Zero-G Pack comes in Artic, Black, Red and Slime. You can check them out on Tri-City Extreme here.

Both packs bring a new element into the game by making loading in- game a little faster and more convenient. We have all heard the controversy about  Bunker King making the strapless design first. However, we will probably see other companies switching to the strapless design in the near future, just as pod packs switched from pulling pods from the side of the paintball pack to the bottom of the pack.

Future of paintball

What is the future of paintball? Of course no one really knows the answer to that question. But let’s take a look at some of events that nppl_logo3have happened over the past 15 years. We have seen the NPPL close, then reopen only to close again later on. We have seen Smart Parts, at one point one of the larger manufacturers, close. We have seen .50 caliber try to make an appearance but go out in the end. Lastly, in the past few weeks, we have seen some of the pro teams disband.

Now lets look at some of the positive events. Planet Eclipse has grown to be one of the top marker manufacturers. Tournament paintball is starting to follow one league, the PSP. One of the newest additions to paintball is Magfed paintball. No one really thought this would hold on 10154986_708939832481390_6138424671266986455_nbut instead it has been growing quickly in the paintball market. The exact growth numbers are hard to find. For comparison purposes I am going to use the attendance from the “Mag-Fed Uprising: Zero Hour” that was hosted by Capital Combat Zone in April 2014. At that game the attendance was about 150 people. This year they are expecting over 210 players. That is a 40% increase! Along with Magfed there has been an increase in return to pump play. We have also seen a decrease in the price of paintballs, and electronic entry markers.

Some argue that paintball is in a decline and other people will argue that paintball is still growing or staying the same. I believe paintball is here to stay, at least for a while. I think paintball needs Magfed and pump to continue to grow, so the rest of paintball can grow. Using a Magfed marker or a pump marker with open play customers can create more of a level playing field, instead of going out there with an electronic marker and blasting away. My prediction is that paintball will still have it’s ups and downs. People will always be entering the sport and leaving the sport and sometimes the people will be leaving faster than the people joining.

There are a few things we can do to make sure paintball is here to stay. First, we can communicate better with rentals or new people to make sure they have a good time. As a community we should always make players feel welcome. Second, we can keep inviting people to come out on the weekends to try and play the sport. Finally, we have to support the fields because without them we won’t have a place to play, thus causing the sport to decline and become more obscure.
My conclusion is, paintball will continue. However, I realized in writing this that it is really is up to us, the players, to make the necessary changes to insure it’s continuation.

What is Paintball?

Paintball is a sport that is usually made up of two teams.  Each has to work together to accomplish an objective.  You use your paintball marker to eliminate opposing players to achieve this goal.  There are two main types of paintball games; Scenario and Tournament.

Scenario paintball can take place in the woods or on urban combat fields. Tournament paintball usually takes place on a speedball field, with blow up bunkers and the objective is to eliminate thCapital-Combat-Zone-Speedball-fielde other team and “hang the flag.” Players will call these two types of paintball by different names, but the point of this article isn’t to talk about the types of paintball play. There are plenty of articles about that. The point of this article is to talk about what paintball is beyond the playing field.

Paintball isn’t just a game, hobby or sport. It is much more than that. It is the place you can go to have fun and relax. Paintball has a unique atmosphere. It gives people the chance to escape from their everyday life and make all the stress and problems disappear for a few hours or a weekend.  You meet new people, make friends, you laugh and have fun and get some exercise.

For many it gives them the focus they need in life. It has helped people stay out of trouble or it gives them a reason to work at a job to be able to afford playing paintball on the weekend. It gets you off the couch, out of the office chair and lets you stretch your legs. There is a spot for everyone on the paintball field. For some people it leads to even more. It will give them a reason to work out, to join a gym and work at living a healthier life.

Capital-Combat-Zone-Scenario-fieldThere are many different avenues for people to take in the sport. Some like to just play for fun and some like to play on tournament teams and compete for prizes. There are other people that like to travel, play 2-day scenario events, meet new people and see new places. What you want to do with paintball is all up to you. You can play a few times a year,  a few times a month or every weekend. You can join teams, make teams with your friends or just show up to a field and find people to play with. If you are thinking about getting into the sport, remember there is much more too it, than just running around on a field with a marker filled with paintballs. It can be an adventure and a way to create memories that you will be able to talk about for years to come.

For those of us who have been involved in the sport for many years, we have to remember that these differences are what makes paintball unique from other sports, hobbies or games out there. “You actually get to live as loud as you want” – Matty Marshall.  As players, we need to make sure that every rental and every new player who walks onto a field walks away with a smile on their face.  As a paintball community,  we need to work with the new people coming into the sport and make sure they have the same great time that we all did when we first played. If we can work together, we can make sure this game continues for many years and will be around for future generations to enjoy!

Paintball Arm Pads Review

There are a lot of different paintball arm pads. All the major paintball companies have their own style of arm pads, and each have their small differences. Paintball elbow pads are used for two reasons. The first is to protect your arms when you are diving. No one wants to go home with cuts and scrapes after a long day of paintball. The second reason arm pads are worn is to give you that extra bounce when you are out playing.

Planet Eclipse HD Core Elbow pads– $ 59.95 

These are the new line of Planet Eclipse pads. Planet Eclipse has always made some of the Planet Eclipse Elbow Pads HD Corebest pads on the market and these are no exception. They will give you more padding for those dives than the previous Planet Eclipse pads. They are also giving you more padding in the palm. Planet Eclipse Arm pads have been the best on the market and these little improvements help Planet Eclipse stay on top of their game.

Exalt Thrasher Elbow pads– $44.95 

Exalt arm pads are just about the same as Planet Eclipse Overload pads. They offer overall good protection and the breathing ability part offers a very nice feel to them. They are the classic design of arm pads and they do their job. The only down side is that they did not include any padding in the palm part. These are the cheapest on the market at this time. They are a good pad but missing some of the features of other pads.

GI Sports Elbow pads – $ 59.95 

Gi Sportz pads have two nice features. The first is they have padding on top of the hand for a possible bounce here or there. However they lack padding on the bottom of the hand. They also have a Velcro strap at the top so you can tighten and prevent the arm pad from falling down which is a very nice feature.

Valken Agility Elbow pads– $ 49.95

Valken Arm pads are the most basic on the market. If you are looking for an arm pad just for bounces, these are the best choice. There isn’t much to them. There is some padding but if you want to protect your arms when diving,, they don’t compare to other brands available on the market.

HK Army Elbow pads –$54.95

HK Army Hardline Elbow Pads - BlueHK Army pads give you exceptional padding for players who are going to be doing a lot of diving. However, they offer so much padding it can possibly slow your arms down and offer resistance. It will take a little while to break these pads in. They offer the velco straps at the bottom and the top of the arm pad, which greatly helps the pad stay in place when you are consistently diving with them.

Paintball Gear Buying Guide

Whether it is your first time playing or you have been playing for a few years, Tri-City Extreme is here to help. We carry items that have been proven in the field, are durable and last a long time, and are easy to fix if they do go down.

When looking at paintball equipment at Wal-Mart, Dicks and Sports Authority, all offer starter packages. However, most of them come with CO2 tanks. If you are considering playing at local fields (example: Capital Combat Zone and Albany Xtreme Sportz Park)you should know that they usually only fill compressed air. Compressed air is much easier to fill and works much better with your marker.

If you are thinking about putting  together your own package, the most important piece of equipment is the mask. When looking at masks, you get what you pay for.  All the masks we keep in inventory have a thermal lens or come with one. A thermal lens means the mask won’t fog or will have a much harder time fogging. When you have a single pane lens (non thermal) your mask will fog much quicker, even if you use the anti-fog spray.

MI-7 Mask:

MI-9 Mask:

The next piece of equipment is the marker (paintball gun). Markers that we carry will rangeTippmann Cronus Tactical in price from $79.00 all the way to $1449.95. If you are planning to play back in the woods a few times a year we would recommend any of the Tippmann markers. They are very easy to maintain and they will work when you take them out, throw a couple drops of oil in the ASA (where you screw the tank in) and you are good to go.

Tippmann Cronos $79.00:

Tippmann Cronos Package $179.95:

Valken Proton If you are planning to play a few times a month and want to keep up with the players who have the electronic guns, we recommend something along the line of a Valken Proton.  It can do all kinds of firing modes, from semi to fully automatic and it is very easy to maintain. This is the only electronic marker where you are able to put a few drops oil in the ASA and the solenoid will be able to handle in.  The other marker that we recommend is a Planet Eclipse Etha. Planet Eclipse makes the best guns on market and have the best customer support!

Valken Proton:

Planet Eclipse Etha:


The next item you are going to need is a tank. Prices on tanks can range $50 to $230. The Ninja Aluminum Tank (48-3000)reason for the large range in pricing is because the cheaper ones are made out of aluminum or steel which are heavy and limited to 3000psi of air. The mid-range tanks are made out of carbon fiber and can have a max psi of 4500. The very expensive tanks are made out of carbon fiber but are wrapped differently and weight a lot less.

When looking at tanks you will see numbers like 48/3000psi. The first number, 48 refers to how large the tank is in cubic inches. The larger the number, the more air it can hold. The second number is the psi rating of the tank. If you compare a 48/3000 tank and a 68/4500, you would get a lot more shots per fill with the 68/4500 because you have a larger cubic inch and a higher pressure air in the tank.

If you are planning to play a few times a year, I would recommend just the 48/3000,  but if you want to get out there and play a lot or have an electronic gun, I would recommend the 68/4500

Ninja 48/3000:

Ninja 68/4500:

Ninja Super Lite 68/4500:


Valken V-Max2The last piece of equipment you really need is a hopper. Again, these prices can range from $5 to $205. The simple $5 dollar hopper would work with any of the Tippmann guns we mentioned earlier. With electronic markers you want the Valken V-Max in order to keep up with the gun or if you wanted the best performance,  a Dye rotor or Virtue Spire.

Gravity feed hopper$4.99:

Valken V-max $89.95:

Virtue Spire $185.00:


We offer a few different packages.
Tippmann Cronos Package:

SW-1 Starter Package 2.0:

Tippmann US Army Alpha Black Elite Package:

Planet Eclipse Etha package:


If you have any questions about buying gear you can contact us, by phone, chat or email!